RESERVED RESERVED RESERVED Benjamin 3600 ‘Repeater’ .175 Calibre BB C02 Rifle (SN PW 843)


Stock number: SN PW 843.

Make: Benjamin Air Rifle Company.

Model: 3600 Repeater.

Calibre: .175 BB

Year: 1958 -1964.

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A Benjamin 3600 ‘Repeater’ .175 Calibre BB CO2 Rifle.

A rare boxed, and possibly unused, CO2 rifle manufactured between 1958 and 1964.

This particular rifle is in excellent original condition and is complete with its packaging containing the instruction leaflets, sample packet of BB’s and Co2 capsule.

Sold to us as unused old stock.

Obviously we have not assembled and test fired this particular rifle so as not to spoil what is a unique example.

As regards usage it is likely due to its age it would require resealing so it is sold as seen as a collection item.



Air guns and Air Rifles manufactured after 1939 are restricted by the Violent Crime Reduction Act as regards sale and delivery and as such the transaction must be on a face to face basis.

They can be posted but ONLY to another Registered Firearms dealer.

Please mention serial or stock number of item when making an enquiry