SOLD SOLD SOLD Mayer & Grammelspacher Original Diana LG 75 .177 Calibre Air Rifle (SN PW 2403)

Stock Number: SN PW 2403.

Make: Mayer & Grammelspacher Original/Diana.

Model: LG 75

Calibre: .177

Year: October 1978.

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A Mayer & Grammelspacher Original Diana LG 75 .177 Calibre Air Rifle.

Manufactured West Germany by M&G this particular model is dated ‘October 1978’.

Used mainly for 10 meter target shooting this model of Air Rifle is totally recoilless and uses the ‘Giss  Contra Piston system’ to facilitate this.

Its a side lever Air Rifle and operates by pulling the lever back until until it is fully open a pellet is then inserted directly into the breech, the lever closed, and the rifle is then fired in the normal manner.

This particular rifle is in very good condition its previous owner having it from new in 1978. It was bought on a whim and has not had much use at all. The right handed walnut stock is in particularly good condition showing no signs of wear and features an adjustable butt pad. The barrel and action are in good order spoilt only by two blemishes on the blueing on the cylinder caused by storage over the years (see photos)

The rifle is complete with its front target tunnel foresight and rear fully adjustable diopter sight.

The rifle has been serviced cocks and fires without issues.

A very good example of this classic German manufactured target Air Rifle.


Air guns and Air Rifles manufactured after 1939 are restricted by the Violent Crime Reduction Act as regards sale and delivery and as such the transaction must be on a face to face basis.

They can be posted but ONLY to another Registered Firearms dealer.

Please mention serial or stock number of item when making an enquiry.