SOLD SOLD SOLD Sharp ‘Innova’ .22 Calibre Multi Stroke Pneumatic Air Rifle ( SN PW 2442)

Stock number: SN PW 2442.

Make: Sharp

Model: Innova

Calibre: .22

Year: 1977 -1988.

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A boxed Sharp ‘Innova’ .22 Calibre Multi Stroke Pneumatic Air Rifle.

These rifles were manufactured by the Sharpe Rifle Manufacturing Company in Tokyo, Japan and imported into the UK from Circa 1977 until they were discontinued in 1988. The rifle is operated by using the fore end as a pump handle to charge the rifle with compressed air. These UK specification rifles have an additional exhaust valve and are restricted to four pumps to restrict the velocity to within UK legal limits.

This particular rifle is in exceptional condition having been purchased by its previous owner and only having had a few pellets fired through it then left unused for over 30 years.

The blueing on the action is excellent order as is the walnut stock and forend.

It has been checked over and cocks and fires without any issues the fourth stroke activating the blow off valve correctly.

It is complete with its adjustable rear sight and foresight with hood which are often missing on other examples as they were taken off for the fitting of a telescopic sight.

The rifle is contained within its original factory supplied cardboard box packaging interestingly the serial number on the box as one digit out from the serial number on the rifle, possibly a mistake in the factory, but this how it came from new.

The box contains the original instruction leaflet supplied with the rifle from new also.

A great example of this this classic Air Rifle.


Air guns and Air Rifles manufactured after 1939 are restricted by the Violent Crime Reduction Act as regards sale and delivery and as such the transaction must be on a face to face basis.

They can be posted but ONLY to another Registered Firearms dealer.

Please mention serial or stock number of item when making an enquiry