Edwin Anson and Co the “Firefly” Air Pistol (SN 349)


Stock Number: SN 349
Make: Edward Anson and Co
Model: ‘TheFirefly’
Calibre: .177
Year: 1925 -1933.

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A very rare  Anson “Firefly ” .177 Calibre Air Pistol.

Manufactured circa 1925 -1933 by Edwin Anson & Co, Birmingham.

This pistol is in  very good original condition the frame and grip are cast iron and retain most of the original finish.

The barrel cover which is actually painted wood is also in good condition.

A screw in pellet inserter is attached to the rear of the cylinder.

The words “The Firefly” are cast into the frame above the trigger on the left side and “Firefly” on the right.

The word “OK” is stamped onto the left side of the trigger.

It cocks and fires with no issues.

A very seldom seen Air Pistol.

Air guns and Air Rifles manufactured after 1939 are restricted by the Violent Crime Reduction Act as regards sale and delivery and as such the transaction must be on a face to face basis.

They can be posted but ONLY to another Registered Firearms dealer.

Please mention serial or stock number of item when making an enquiry.