SOLD SOLD SOLD Weihrauch HW 45 .177 Calibre Air Pistol (SN PW 2135)

Stock number: SN PW 2135.

Make: Weihrauch

Model: HW 45

Calibre: .22, .20 & .177

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A Weihrauch Model HW 45 Air pistols in .177 calibre with extra  .22 calibre & .20 calibre barrels and factory manufactured shoulder stock.

The pistol is in good overall condition it cocks and fires with no issues.

It has minor wear to the scope rail and to the finish on the rear sight but otherwise it is in good order.

It comes with a bespoke wooden lined case and a rare factory shoulder stock which can be used, by attaching to the pistol grip, to make the pistol into a ‘carbine’ type pistol.

Also included are a .22 calibre and a .20 calibre factory manufactured barrels and a nearly new Weihrauch ‘2 x20’ pistol scope.

A classic German manufactured pistol with some hard to find factory accessories.

Air guns and Air Rifles manufactured after 1939 are restricted by the Violent Crime Reduction Act as regards sale and delivery and as such the transaction must be on a face to face basis.

They can be posted but ONLY to another Registered Firearms dealer.

Please mention serial or stock number of item when making an enquiry