SOLD SOLD SOLD A cased Webley Mark II Service Air Rifle with .25 , .22 and .177 Calibre barrels (SN 299)

Stock number : SN 299


Model: Mark II Service Air Rifle.

Calibre: .25 plus .22 & .177 spare barrels.

Year: Circa 1937

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A rare cased Webley Mark II Service Air Rifle in .25 calibre with additional .22 & .177 calibre barrels

This is the rare “Rook and Rabbit Air Rifle” version introduced in circa 1937.

The serial number for this particular rifle is S10722 to which the  serial numbers on the action and barrel both match.

The rifle is in excellent condition the blueing on both the action and barrels being in excellent order as this rifle has had a no expense spared strip down, refinish and has been rebuild to its original specification.

The stock has no cracks or splits it has minor marks from usage but nothing serious and the horn but pad is complete.

The rifle cocks and fires with power and the barrel release mechanism and interceptor sear all function correctly.

It is complete with its correct rear aperture sight, centre and front sights all of which also function correctly.

The extra barrels are genuine ‘Webley’ manufactured ones the number for the .22 is 4305 the .177 is 11273

The case housing the rifle is an extremely well made canvas and wood reproduction one fitted out to take all three barrels plus accessories & similar to ones available when the rifle was originally made.

It contains period boxed .25 calibre pellets and both .22 and .177 Webley special waisted pellet tins.

Also included is a good copy of a Pre War Webley Oil can and F.E. Morton’s ‘Hints on Air Rifle Shooting’.

A lovely example of this iconic 1930’s British manufactured Air Rifle.